General Martial Beyrand

Général de brigade who was killed at Castiglione

Born: September 9, 1768

Place of Birth: Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France

Died: August 3, 1796

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: Castiglione, Italy

Arc de Triomphe: BAYRAND on the south pillar


A career soldier, Martial Beyrand first enlisted in 1783 in the infantry regiment of Bassigny. When the Revolution got underway in 1791, he was elected a capitaine in the 2nd Battalion of Volunteers of Haute-Vienne. Initially sent to the Army of the North, in 1793 Beyrand was promoted to chef de bataillon and sent to the Army of the Eastern Pyrenees. While there, in March of 1794 he became Augereau's chief of staff. Continuing to serve, Beyrand fought at Saint-Laurent de la Mouga in August where he distinguished himself but was also badly wounded by a shot to the head. Three months later he was promoted to général de brigade, and then in the first half of 1795 he continued to fight, serving at Bezalù, Bascara, and the Fluvia.

Beyrand was not included in the staff after a reorganization and he quit the army in August of 1795. A few months later he was recalled to duty in the Army of Italy, and then in April of 1796 he took command of the a brigade in Augereau's division. Leading his men into battle, Beyrand fought at Millesimo and then distinguished himself at Ceva that month. The next month, he fought at Lodi where he ordered and led a charge with bayonets which helped to win the battle. Beyrand was still leading his brigade that August at Castiglione , where he was killed while leading his men in an attack on the heights.


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