General Jean-Jacques Causse

Général de brigade who was killed at Dego

Born: August 29, 1751

Place of Birth: Caux, Hérault, France

Died: April 15, 1796

Cause of Death: Mortally wounded

Place of Death: Dego, Italy

Arc de Triomphe: CAUSSE on the south pillar


A career infantry soldier, Jean-Jacques Causse first joined the French army in 1770 when he volunteered to serve in the regiment of Boulonnois. At the dawn of the Revolution a few decades later, he had only risen to the rank of sergeant major. In 1792 Causse was finally commissioned as a sous-lieutenant and only a few months later he received a promotion to lieutenant. After serving with the Army of the Alps, in 1793 he was assigned to the Army of the Pyrenees and then when that army was split he served with the Army of the Eastern Pyrenees. In August of 1793 Causse was named lieutenant colonel of the 1st Battalion of Volunteers of Mont Blanc, and barely a month later the representatives of the people promoted him to chef de brigade. On Christmas Day of 1793 he received another promotion, this time to général de brigade, having risen from sergeant to general in less than two years.

General Causse spent the first half of 1794 serving with General Marbot's division, and then he joined Sauret's division. That year he fought at Saint-Laurent de la Mouga and the Battle of Montagne Noire . Shortly after that battle, he took part in the Siege of Roses until February of 1795. Once a peace treaty was signed with Spain in 1795, Causse was sent to the Army of Italy.

In the spring of 1796, as the new commander General Bonaparte took command of the Army of Italy, General Causse held a command in Laharpe's division. Causse took part in the opening battles of the campaign, fighting at Montenotte and then at Dego . While serving at Dego he was mortally wounded in the right hip and he died the next day.


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