General Félix Marie Pierre Chesnon de Champmorin

General of engineers who served at siege of Lille and the Battle of Neerwinden

Born: December 1, 1736

Place of Birth: Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France

Died: October 3, 1805

Place of Death: Tours, France

Arc de Triomphe: CHAMPMORIN on the north pillar


Entering the engineering school of Mézières in 1755, Félix Marie Pierre Chesnon de Champmorin was commissioned that year as a lieutenant. In 1759 he served on the coast of Brittany against the British and then from 1760 to 1762 he served in Germany during the Seven Years War. Champmorin was promoted to capitaine in 1763 and named a Knight of Saint Louis in 1779. In 1787 he was employed at Arras and the following year he received a promotion to lieutenant colonel and he was also employed at Hesdin.

After the onset of the Revolution, in April of 1791 Champmorin was named a colonel director of fortifications. In July of 1792 he was sent to Lille and he commanded the engineers of the siege of Lille from September to October. In the meantime Champmorin also received a promotion to maréchal de camp. Next Champmorin served at the siege of Antwerp in November and then he joined Miranda's division in the Army of Belgium. In March of 1793 he fought under Miranda on the left of the army at the Battle of Neerwinden . Champmorin served with the Army of the North and was suspended in May but he disregarded that order and remained at his post. In July he was more forcefully suspended as being a noble and he went to live at Bourges. While there the representatives of the people ordered that Champmorin be put under surveillance. In April of 1795 Champmorin was recalled to activity and in June he was promoted to général de division. In July he took command at Douai but a year later he resigned from his command and retired.


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