General Jean-François Delort de Gléon

Staff officer who frequently served as a divisional chief of staff and was killed at Wilna

Born: October 24, 1769

Place of Birth: Pouzols, Aude, France

Died: December 10, 1812

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: Wilna, Russia


Joining the army during the Revolution, Jean-François Delort de Gléon was named a sous-lieutenant in the 51st Infantry in January of 1792. Initially serving with the Army of the South, after the armies were reorganized he joined the Army of Italy. Delort was promoted to lieutenant in March of 1793 and then that September he was promoted to chef de bataillon and employed in the Army of Italy. The next month he distinguished himself in combat at Gilette. In February of 1794 Delort joined the staff of the Army of the Alps and then in 1795 he was promoted to chef de brigade.

In the year 1799, Delort served under General Lefebvre and took part in Napoleon Bonaparte's coup of 18 Brumaire. In 1800 he called to the Army of the Reserve where he became chief of staff of Chambarlhac's 1st Division. After taking part in the campaign against Austria in Italy, Delort then joined the Army of Italy. In 1803 Delort was named commander of Savona and then in 1804 he was named an Officer of the Legion of Honor.

As war spread throughout Europe in 1805, Delort was employed in the Army of Italy at Rimini. That October he took the position as chief of staff of Verdier's 2nd Division in the Army of Italy. In December Delort became the 1st Division's chief of staff and he took part in the blockade of Venice. Delort next joined the Army of Naples and then took command at Naples.

In January of 1807 Delort was recalled to the Grande Armée and he joined the 1st Division of Marshal Soult's IV Corps. That February he served in combat at Bergfried, Hoff, and then Eylau. Delort next joined the general staff of IV Corps and then in July he took command of IV Corps' general depot at Francfort-sur-l'Oder. Delort resumed a more active command in 1809 when he became the chief of staff of Morand's 1st Division in the Army of the Rhine. After Austria attacked and the French responded, Delort took part in the Danube campaign against Austria. The following year he was named a Baron of the Empire.

In 1812 Delort was still working with Morand's division for the campaign against Russia. He took part in the campaign and that September he was promoted to général de brigade. During the retreat, Delort survived the worst of it only to be killed at Wilna, near the bridge of Kowno, in December.


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