General François-Claude-Joachim Faultrier de l'Orme

François-Claude-Joachim Faultrier de l'Orme
Commander of the artillery park during the first Italian campaign

Born: August 15, 1760

Place of Birth: Metz, Moselle, France

Died: November 7, 1805

Cause of Death: Illness

Place of Death: Nordlingen, Germany

Arc de Triomphe: FAULTRIER on the south pillar


The son of an artillery general, François-Claude-Joachim Faultrier de l'Orme followed the family in his career by volunteering to join the artillery regiment of Metz in 1777. The following year he was promoted to lieutenant, and then in 1787 he was promoted to capitaine. After the onset of the Revolution, Faultrier served with a company of workmen until February of 1794 when he was promoted to chef de bataillon by the representatives of the people and attached to the staff of General Bonaparte. Three months later Faultrier was named deputy director of artillery at Auxonne. In March of 1796 General Bonaparte took command of the Army of Italy and Faultrier rejoined him and became director of the artillery park of the Army of Italy. In January of 1797 Faultrier was promoted to chef de brigade, and then a year later he was named director of the artillery park at Douai.

In April of 1798 Faultrier was designated for the Army of the Orient and he embarked with the army on the expedition to Egypt. Once in Egypt, he was named director of artillery at Alexandria. In July of 1799 Faultrier fought at the Battle of Abukir where he directed the artillery at the siege of the fort. The following March Faultrier was promoted to général de brigade and he served at the defense of Alexandria from April of 1801 until the French surrender in August.

Once returned to France, Faultrier was named inspector general of artillery. In 1803 he was appointed director general of the artillery parks of the six camps of the Army of the Coasts of the Ocean. The next year Faultrier received the honor of being named a Commander of the Legion of Honor. In February of 1805 Faultrier was promoted to général de division, and as the army moved out in August against the Third Coalition he was appointed director general of artillery parks of the Grande Armée. However, Faultrier fell ill and died on the campaign.


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