General Henri Antoine Jardon

Henri Antoine Jardon
Belgian general who served during the French Revolution and was killed in Portugal

Born: February 3, 1768

Place of Birth: Verviers, Belgium

Died: March 25, 1809

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: Guimarães, Portugal

Arc de Triomphe: JARDON on the west pillar


The son of a glazier, Henri Antoine Jardon was a Belgian who first joined the army as a sous-lieutenant commanding the volunteers from Franchimont in support of the Liége Republic in 1789. He served against the imperial Austrian troops but in 1790 he was forced to take refuge in France. In April of 1792 Jardon became a lieutenant in the Legion Liégeoise in the service of France, formed at Givet. Only a few days later he was promoted to capitaine and then in March of 1793 he was promoted to chef de bataillon. In April of 1793 Jardon was promoted to chef de brigade commanding the legion and he and his men served with the Army of the North. Jardon began 1794 by taking command of the 1st Battalion of Belgian Chasseurs Tirailleurs but then in May he was promoted to général de brigade. He joined Souham's division and served at Hooglède, the combat of Oude-Watering, and the Siege of Nimégue. In 1796 Jardon was named commander of the département of Dyle but in early February of 1797 he was left without a position. He returned to service in October of 1798 as commander of the département of Escaut. The next month Jardon served under Colaud to put down the revolts in Belgium. In February of 1799 Jardon was sent to serve in the Army of Mainz and later the Army of the Danube. He served under a variety of commanders in the coming months and he fought at Stockach in March. In May of 1800 Jardon served at the action of Brégentz and then in July he took part in the action of Feldkirch.

In September of 1801 Jardon was put on non-activity and for the next two years he was not employed by the army. In September of 1803 he was named commander of the département of Deux-Nêthes and then in 1804 he was named a Commander of the Legion of Honor. When the Grande Armée marched out to war in 1805, Jardon served at Boulogne after the army had left.

In 1808 Jardon joined VIII Corps in the Army of Spain. In January of 1809 he joined Mermet's division of II Corps and he distinguished himself at the Battle of Corunna . Jardon went on to distinguish himself at the action of Ferrol and at Taliperra near Braga. By this time he had gained a reputation and was loved by his men. In March Jardon fought at the bridge of Negrelos near Guimarães in Portugal where he was killed by a ball to the head.


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