General Jean Grégoire Barthélemy Rouger de Laplane

Jean Grégoire Barthélemy Rouger de Laplane
Commander of the 6th Light who became a general and defended Glogau from 1812-1814

Born: October 13, 1765

Place of Birth: Mourvilles-Hautes, Haute-Garonne, France

Died: June 16, 1837

Place of Death: Mourvilles-Hautes, France

Arc de Triomphe: LAPLANE on the south pillar


Joining the gendarmes of the king in 1782, Jean Grégoire Barthélemy Rouger de Laplane was named a lieutenant in the 70th Infantry in September of 1791. Sent to the Army of Italy, he was promoted to capitaine in 1795 and he joined the 32nd of the Line in March of 1796. Rouger de Laplane finally left Italy in 1798 when he served in Switzerland briefly before joining the expedition to Egypt as part of Bon's division. Once in Egypt, he distinguished himself at the Battle of the Pyramids . In 1799 Rouger de Laplane took part in the expedition to Syria and he was wounded at the Siege of Acre during an assault. He was promoted to chef de bataillon in August and then in March of 1801 he fought at the Battle of Canope where he was wounded by a shot to the right forearm.

Back in France, in 1802 Rouger de Laplane was awarded a saber of honor by General Bonaparte for his service at Acre. At the end of the year he was promoted to chef de brigade and in 1803 he was given command of the 6th Light. After serving with the Army of the Coasts of the Ocean, Rouger de Laplane served in Loison's division in the Grande Arméee when in 1805 the army marched off to war. He served on the campaign in Austria and then in 1806 he joined Marchand's division and he distinguished himself at the Battle of Jena in Prussia. Rouger de Laplane was promoted to général de brigade after the conclusion of the war in 1807.

In late 1807 Rouger de Laplane entered Spain and in June of 1808 he was named commander of Córdoba. The next month he was taken prisoner when a French army surrendered after the Battle of Bailen . Before the end of the year Rouger de Laplane was back in service with Lapisse's division and in July of 1809 he served at the Battle of Talavera . In April of 1810 he repulsed the British at Santa-Catarina and in August he was named a Baron of the Empire.

In April of 1812 Rouger de Laplane was named commander at Mecklembourg and that summer he took over the defense of Glogau. Promoted to général de division in June of 1813, he continued to hold Glogau against the Coalition until he was ordered to surrender by the provisional government in April of 1814. For the Hundred Days in 1815, Rouger de Laplane commanded the 4th division of the National Guard in the Corps of Observation of Jura. Afterwards, he retired in August.


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