General André-Joseph Lemaire

General who served in the Army of the North from 1792 to 1795

Born: March 6, 1738

Place of Birth: Cuincy, Nord, France

Died: October 24, 1802

Place of Death: Dunkirk, France

Arc de Triomphe: LEMAIRE on the north pillar


Originally volunteering to join the army in 1754, André-Joseph Lemaire served in the Condé regiment for many years. He was promoted to sergeant in 1761 and then in 1770 he obtained permission to leave the army. Eleven years later, in 1781 Lemaire joined the corsair Epervier as a lieutenant. In 1782 he served on Charmante and was taken prisoner by the British, and then once released he served on Espérance but he was again taken prisoner. Once Lemaire was released yet again, he returned to serve on Espérance until February of 1783.

At the onset of the Revolution, in July of 1789 Lemaire was elected capitaine in the National Guard of Dunkirk. Two years later he took command of the 7th Battalion of the National Guard and then in August of 1792 he was elected capitaine in the 4th Battalion of Volunteers of Nord. Only a few weeks later Lemaire was selected as a lieutenant colonel of his battalion and he and his men then joined the Army of the North. In September of 1793 he was wounded near Bergues by grapeshot and less than two weeks later he was promoted to général de brigade by the representatives of the people with the army. Next Lemaire served at the camps of Leffrinckhoucke and Guise, and then he joined Balland's division in October to serve at the Battle of Wattignies . In March of 1794 he was promoted to général de division and then sent to Maubeuge where he commanded Dunkirk, Furnes, and Bergues. That July Lemaire took command of a division of the Army of the North. In December of 1794 he ordered the blockade of Bréda and participated in the fighting there, and then in January of 1795 he seized Heusden. When the army was reorganized in June of 1795, he was not given a position and so he ceased his work and retired to Dunkirk.


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