General Jean-Fortuné Bouïn de Marigny

Général de brigade who served at the Siege of Mainz and was killed in the Vendée

Born: May 6, 1766

Place of Birth: Châtellerault, Vienne, France

Died: December 5, 1793

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: Durtal, France


After entering the military school of Vendôme at the age of fifteen in 1781, Jean-Fortuné Bouïn de Marigny finally received a commission as an officer in 1788. Assigned as a sous-lieutenant in the Chasseurs à Cheval of Brittany, he remained there until 1792 when he was promoted to lieutenant and then in September he was promoted to capitaine in the 10th Chasseurs à Cheval. Next Marigny was sent to the Siege of Mainz where he formed and commanded a new Legion of Franks. During the siege he was promoted to chef d'escadrons and he made notable sorties in May. Quite active during the month of June, Marigny first attacked Bretzenheim, then inflicted serious losses on the Saxon regiment of Courlande, and then attacked and burned the village of Sainte-Croix. Later that same month he attacked Bretzenheim again, tried to retake the redoubt of Weisenau from the Prussians, and received a promotion to chef de brigade. Finally in July the city surrendered and the troops were sent west, having promised to not fight the Allies for one year.

Marigny was sent to the Vendée to deal with rebels since he was not allowed to fight the Allies due to the terms of surrender at Mainz. After arriving in August, he immediately saw action in September when he charged the Vendéens at Saint-Léger and then a week later he repulsed their advance guard. Next Marigny fought at Torfou, and then in October he forced the enemy rear guard to flee at Saint-Fulgent. Marigny was then named commander of troops at Paimboeuf and promoted to général de brigade by the representatives of the people with the army. In November Marigny passed Pontorson and arrived at Dol where he charged the rebels, but he was forced to fall back. That December he again charged the Vendéens, this time at Durtal near Angers, when he was killed by a cannonball.

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