General Jean Baptiste Molette de Morangiès

Officer who served in Italy from 1792-1798 and in Egypt from 1798-1801

Born: November 21, 1758

Place of Birth: Dumas, Haute-Loire, France

Died: May 21, 1827

Place of Death: Antibes, France

Arc de Triomphe: MORANGIES on the south pillar


Beginning his military career as a gentleman cadet in the regiment of Languedoc in 1776, Jean Baptiste Molette de Morangiès was commissioned as a sous-lieutenant two years later. Seven years after that he was promoted to lieutenant and then in 1792 he was promoted to capitaine in the 51st Infantry. That same year Molette de Morangiès served with the Army of the South before joining the Army of Italy. In 1796 he was wounded at the siege of the chateau of Milan and then taken prisoner at Brescia, but he was exchanged before long. Later that year Molette de Morangiès served at Caldiero and then he was promoted to chef de bataillon in the 25th of the Line in December. He was next employed in Masséna's division but his promotion was not confirmed.

In 1798 Molette de Morangiès served in Switzerland before joining the Army of the Orient in May. Taking part in the expedition to Egypt and Syria, he was promoted in May of 1799 to chef de brigade of the 18th of the Line and a few days later he was wounded by a shot at the Siege of Acre. After returning to Egypt, Molette de Morangiès fought at the Battle of Abukir in July where his right arm was shattered. That arm was unlucky for two years later he was wounded in the right arm again, this time at the Battle of Canope . In May of 1801 General Menou promoted Molette de Morangiès to général de brigade.

Having returned to France, in December of 1801 Molette de Morangiès was named commander of Grenoble. In 1803 he was employed in the 8th military division as commander of the département of Basses-Alpes and in 1804 he was recognized as a Commander of the Legion of Honor. In 1805 Molette de Morangiès was employed in the 28th military division as commander of arms at Genoa and then in 1808 he was named commander of the département of Gênes and the Gulf of La Spezia. In 1813 he was named a Baron of the Empire and he commanded the département of Oise and then the département of Genoa again, where he remained until the Bourbon Restoration.

The restored Bourbons named Molette de Morangiès commander of the 28th military division and a Knight of Saint Louis. Later in 1814 he was employed in the 8th military division and he commanded the arrondissement of Draguignan. During the Hundred Days of 1815, Molette de Morangiès organized the National Guard of the 8th military division at Toulon and in July he served under Marshal Brune. He retired from the army in September.


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