Colonel Michel Ordener II

Son of General Ordener who served as an aide-de-camp to General Duroc and later as a cavalry commander

Born: April 3, 1787

Place of Birth: Huningue, Haut-Rhin, France

Died: November 22, 1862

Place of Death: Paris, France

The son of General Ordener, Michel Ordener had his father's name and he began his military career with the 11th Chasseurs à Cheval in 1802. The next year he entered the military school at Fontainebleau and he graduated at the end of the year as a sous-lieutenant with the 24th Dragoons. In 1805 as the Grande Armée marched east Ordener was promoted to lieutenant and named aide-de-camp to his father. He took part in the campaign of 1805 and in March of 1806 he was named a Knight of the Legion of Honor. Once his father retired from the military, Ordener then became an aide-de-camp to General Duroc. He served in this position throughout 1806 and 1807 and in August of 1807 he was promoted to capitaine. Ordener accompanied Duroc to Spain in 1808 and then he returned to France in 1809 to take part in the War of the Fifth Coalition that was started by Austria. In March of 1809 he was promoted to chef d'escadrons in the 1st Provisional Chasseurs and then in June he joined the 7th Cuirassiers.

Continuing to serve with the 7th Cuirassiers, in 1812 Ordener took part in the campaign against Russia. That October he was wounded by a lance blow to the head at the second Battle of Polotsk . In November Ordener was promoted to colonel and then he went on to distinguish himself at the Battle of the Berezina with the 7th Cuirassiers. During that battle he was wounded by a shot to the right thigh. In 1813 Ordener took command of the 30th Dragoons and he served with the Grande Armée on the campaign in Saxony. That September he was named an Officer of the Legion of Honor. In 1814 Ordener served during the defense of France and on March 30th he was bruised on his right thigh while fighting to defend Paris. After Napoleon's abdication and the Bourbon Restoration, Ordener was assigned to the 15th Dragoons. When Napoleon returned to power in 1815 for the Hundred Days, Ordener was given command of the 1st Cuirassiers. He led his men at the Battle of Waterloo in June and he was later put on non-activity.


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