General César-Antoine Roize

Cavalry general who was killed at Canope

Born: July 8, 1761

Place of Birth: Toulon, Var, France

Died: March 21, 1801

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: Canope, Egypt

Arc de Triomphe: ROIZE on the south pillar


A career soldier, César-Antoine Roize first joined the military in 1778 when he enlisted in the Artois regiment of dragoons in 1778. After the Revolution arrived in 1789, Roize finally became an officer in 1792 when he was promoted to sous-lieutenant. The next year he was promoted to lieutenant and then capitaine and he joined the 1st Hussars.

In 1796 Roize joined the Army of Italy and served on General Stengel's staff as an ordnance officer. He distinguished himself at Mondovi and then received a promotion to chef de bataillon. That September Roize distinguished himself in fighting at Cerea, Castellaro, Due Castelli, and Saint-Georges. After the Battle of Rivoli , General Bonaparte named Roize a chef d'escadrons in the 20th Dragoons.

In 1798 Roize took part in the expedition to Egypt. The next year he was promoted to chef de brigade and he became Murat's chief of staff. In this position he fought at Abukir where he distinguished himself while assaulting the Turkish redoubts. Left in Egypt after General Bonaparte's departure, Roize became the chief of staff of all the cavalry of Egypt. In December of 1799 he dispersed the gatherings on the Delta, and then the next month he distinguished himself in the retaking of Cairo where he was promoted to général de brigade by General Kléber on the field of battle.

Roize continued to serve in Egypt and he was appointed inspector general of cavalry before becoming the commander-in-chief of cavalry of the French in Egypt. In 1801 he took part in the Battle of Canope where he was ordered by Menou to charge the English line to try and salvage the situation. Charging at the head of dragoons, he again distinguished himself with his valor and fighting skills and he and his men mortally wounded the English commander Sir Abercromby. However Roize did not survive the ferocious fight, being hit and killed in the midst of the combat.


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