General Jean Baptiste Théodore Viallanes

Cavalry general who served with III Corps from 1805 to 1807

Born: October 11, 1761

Place of Birth: Riom, Puy-de-Dôme, France

Died: August 3, 1826

Place of Death: Paris, France


Enlisting in the regiment of Artois in January of 1780, Jean Baptiste Théodore Viallanes served with the Army of the Center in 1792 and first saw action at the combat of Stenay in August of 1792. Only a few weeks later he was commissioned as a sous-lieutenant. In 1793 Viallanes served with the Army of the North and he was promoted to lieutenant. In June of 1794 he was promoted to capitaine and then only a few days later he was again promoted, this time to chef d'escadrons. Next he joined the Army of the Sambre and Meuse. In July of 1796 Viallanes distinguished himself at Camberg and then in March of 1797 he was promoted to chef de brigade of the 1st Dragoons. That April he served at Uckerath and Steinberg and then in 1798 he served with the Army of England. The following year Viallanes served with the Army of the Danube and the Army of Switzerland and in March he covered the retreat at Stockach. In April he fought at Frauenfeld, in September he served at the combat of Wollishofen, and then in October he served in the Muotathal.

In March of 1800 Viallanes and his regiment were assigned to Champeaux's brigade in the Army of the Reserve. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Marengo and then joined the Army of Italy. That December Viallanes fought at Monzembano and then in the first week of January he fought at Montebello.

In 1803 Viallanes was promoted to général de brigade and sent to serve at the camp of Bruges. The next year he was named a Commander of the Legion of Honor. When the Grande Armée marched east to fight the Third Coalition, Viallanes commanded the 1st Light Cavalry Brigade of Marshal Davout's III Corps. He served on the campaign that fall and entered Presbourg in November. During the campaign against Prussia of 1806, Viallanes served at the Battle of Auerstädt. That November he served in Beker's 5th Division and in December he served at Pultusk.

In 1808 Viallanes was named a Baron of the Empire and at the end of the year he was sent to Spain. He served at the Battle of Corunna in January of 1809 and then in July he was put on leave due to infirmities. In December of 1810 Viallanes returned to duty as commander of the département of Bouches-de-l'Yssel in Holland. Two years later he was transferred to command the département of Allier. In 1814 the restored Bourbons named Viallanes a Knight of Saint Louis and Viallanes retired from the army in September of 1815.


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