Colonel Claude Basile Gaspard Blancheville

Cavalry commander who was killed in Spain by guerillas while going to take command of his regiment

Born: July 2, 1766

Place of Birth: Jonvelle, Haute-Saône, France

Died: March 2, 1810

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Place of Death: El Ronquillo, Spain

Arc de Triomphe: BLANCHEVILLE on the south pillar


A soldier in 1792, Claude Basile Gaspard Blancheville served with the constitutional guard of the king until he was dismissed later that year. In March of 1793 he joined the 15th Chasseurs à Cheval as a sous-lieutenant and then two months later he was promoted to lieutenant. Blancheville began serving with the Army of the West and in July he distinguished himself by taking two cannons at the affair of Saint-Julien near Nantes. In September he fought at the action of Montaigu and a few days later he was promoted to capitaine. Staying with the Army of the West, Blancheville's next major action came in April of 1795 when he fought at Machecoul and was wounded by a shot to the kidneys. In 1797 his regiment was sent to the Army of Italy where they would remain for the next few years. Blancheville received his share of wounds in 1799 with the first coming from a shot to the right leg at the combat of Saint-Lucia near Verona in March. However, he was promoted to chef d'escadrons at this time. The next month he fought at Cassano where he was wounded by a shot to the right heel. In July he joined the 25th Chasseurs à Cheval and in October he was out on reconnaissance near Novi when he was wounded by a saber blow to the left hand.

In 1803 Blancheville married the widow of General Laubadère and in 1804 he was named a Knight of the Legion of Honor. In 1805 he served with the Grande Armée on campaign against the Third Coalition and that September he was named major in the 7th Chasseurs à Cheval. Blancheville continued to serve with the Grande Armée in Prussia and Poland against the Fourth Coalition and in May of 1807 he was named an Officer of the Legion of Honor. Next in 1808 he was attached to I Corps of the Army of Spain and named a Commander of the Legion of Honor. In December of 1809 Blancheville was named colonel of the 22nd Dragoons but in March of 1810 as he was traveling through Spain to take command of his regiment he was killed by guerillas.


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