General Germain-Félix Tennet de Laubadère

General who took part in the Battle of Arlon in 1793

Born: February 20, 1749

Place of Birth: Bassoues, Gers, France

Died: August 8, 1799

Place of Death: Rouen, France

Arc de Triomphe: LAUBADERE on the north pillar


The younger brother of engineering officer Joseph-Marie Tennet de Laubadère, Germain-Félix Tennet de Laubadère first enlisted in the army in 1772. The following year he was commissioned as a sous-lieutenant and then five years later in 1778 he was promoted to lieutenant. Laubadère received a promotion to capitaine in 1784 and this was the last promotion he would receive before the Revolution.

After the onset of the Revolution, in February of 1792 Laubadère was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 12th Infantry near Auxerrois. That October he was appointed colonel of the 30th Infantry and assigned to the Army of the Moselle. In March of 1793 Laubadère received another promotion, this time to maréchal de camp, and then three months later in June he took part in the expedition of Arlon under General Delaage. During that campaign he was wounded and then transported to Thionville temporarily to recover. At the end of the month Laubadère was promoted to général de division and then in August he was named commander of Calais. In 1794 General Laubadère was employed in the Army of the North and then in 1795 he served near the Somme. Finally in 1796 he was assigned to the 15th military division at Rouen where he remained until his death in 1799.


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