General Joseph-Marie Tennet de Laubadère

General who defended Landau during a Prussian siege of six months in 1793

Born: April 27, 1745

Place of Birth: Bassoues, Gers, France

Died: April 8, 1809

Place of Death: Pouylebon, France


The older brother of Germain-Félix Tennet de Laubadère, Joseph-Marie Tennet de Laubadère entered the engineering school of Mézières in 1765. Graduating from the school as a lieutenant in 1767, he served with the army and did not receive a promotion for ten years. Finally he was promoted to lieutenant in 1777.

After the onset of the Revolution, Laubadère was named a Knight of Saint Louis and a lieutenant colonel. He joined the Army of the Rhine in 1792, serving as chief of staff to Kellermann, then Biron, and finally Beauharnais. In March of 1793 Laubadère was promoted to général de brigade and only two months later he was promoted to général de division. In June of 1793 he was named commander of Landau and he defended the city from the Prussians during a siege of six months. In 1794 Laubadère was ordered to take the fort of Alsace, but he was later ordered arrested by the Committee of Public Safety in June of 1794. Luckily for him, the end of the Reign of Terror came after the Thermidorian Reaction in July and Laubadère was then released from prison.

Laubadère was sent to the Army of Italy, but during the summer of 1795 he ceased his functions and was no longer employed by the army. He officially retired in March of 1798.


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